12 August 2016

Wolfram Language - Vad är matematik ?

Wolfram Language
Coherence is the quality of being logical and consistent, forming a unified whole. 
All language-parts fits together; unified and integrated. 
That makes it easier to understand. 
Simple chains: Inputs --> algorithm/processes --> Input/Outputs --> algorithm/processes --> Input/Outputs --> ... 

Symmetry: Output <- Function(Input), where the function can be categorised as a reflection, rotation or scaling.
Automation: Auto-motion (because no-reason-to-do-it-any-other-way), Self-process 
Conjecture/Hypotheses = reasonable likely, förmodan

Classify = to define categories
1. Define A & B Commutative diagram for morphism.svg, 2. Define relationshipsVenn A intersect B.svg,
...definitions ordered into tree-branches/roots.
A. Define the logic p\Rightarrow q\,      , B. Define the calculation DFAexample.svg /transform/process/function

Video: Language book, Fast Intro for Programmers


Pic. Same pattern - towards a universal data definition language

Pic. Guiding Principles & Concepts, for the Wolfram Language

Canonical = conforming to a general rule or acceptable procedure, 
Mathematics. (of an equation, coordinate, etc.) in simplest or standardform

Pic. WDF language


Video: ...

Pic. ....

The 17 equations that changed the world
--> I look forward to see them United by 0

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