28 January 2011

State of the Union Address 2011

U.S. President Barack Obama has released his State of the Union Address of the year 2011, with Infographics - like a mixed video & ppt slide presentation.
The speach in itself is impressive but the edited version makes it is far better.
Since the best companies usually has the best leaders, when USA now has probably the best leader it is going to be very interesting to see what will happen. I sincerly hope he can keep his job long enough to change the world.

Source: information aesthetics

16 January 2011

SlimScan - Wallet sized receipt scanner

A receipts scanner to keep a record of your daily expense.
Don't expect to scan too many receipts. Their pen version has a battery time of max 200 scanned pages and a transfer rate of  about 10pages/minute.
Links: PlanOn SlimScan, Engadget
Current price: US$119.99

10 January 2011

Exoplanets Atlas (infographic jpg poster)

Interesting map. Even though the negative temperature scale is wrong.
Source: Wired

Updated 2013-01:

In the media

Source of picture: link

Source of picture: link

Source of picture: link

09 January 2011


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03 January 2011

Creating Value - 4 cornerstones of Corporate finance

In this 40min video presentation, McKinsey partner Tim Koller explores the four guiding principles of corporate finance that all executives can use to home in on value creation when they make strategic decisions.
I found the 2nd part 'Core-of-value principle' and the last part of 'Best-owner principle', most interesting.