08 August 2011

Household debt to income ratio by country

Debt amount to Yearly Income ratio + Monthly Cost of debt to Monthly Income ratio (note: old data).
Link: texterity

07 August 2011

Color name survey

Interesting map. Also split by guy/girl names.
Link: xkcd, datapointed

Chart chooser from Extreme presentations

A good idea that is worth expanding. Surpriced it was 4years since I read this blog post.
Link: extremepresentation, pdf, old post

Congressional Conversation Index (CCI)

What problems are discussed (solved)? Do you think it correlates with the annual budget (amount)?
Link: kstreetcafe

Food infographics

Interesting information
Link: foodandtechconnect

Intelligence vs Social ineptness & Human contribution

Also for Nobel prize winners?
Link: myconfinedspace

Idiagram: Problem solving or Confusion

Interactive chart.
Link: Idiagram

US - Tax alternatives (simple visualisation)

Simple visualisation of the different alternatives
Link: Washington post

02 August 2011

Eye candy

Source: Slideshare

Sensory Mapping

An interesting way to map out an experience of positive/negative feelings across all five senses.
Source: Here

311 call in NewYork

What are the most common complaints (311 calls) and when are they made.
Source: Wired

Human Development Index - USA

Interactive map. Data from 2010-2011
Source: HDI-USA

WeatherSpark, Historical climate + forecast

The bottom slider can go back until 1973.
Link: WeatherSpark