28 February 2013

DNA Molecules Found near Milky Way centre

Finding these molecules - the chemical precursors for life - in an interstellar gas cloud means that important building blocks for DNA and amino acids can 'seed' newly-formed planets.  It could be that some of the first key steps toward biological chemicals occurred on tiny ice grains.

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+ Married couple sought for millionaire's Mars mission, 2018.

World migration pattern

Explore the world migration pattern; immigration/emigration and corridors.
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Political leaders background

Miss prosperity correlation, like HDI.
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Quantum computing - current status

Still not there but, "a new method that better preserves the units necessary to power lightning-fast electronics, known as qubits (pronounced CUE-bits). Hole spins, rather than electron spins, can keep quantum bits in the same physical state up to 10 times longer than before, the report finds. The holes within hole spins are literally empty spaces left when electrons are taken out."

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26 February 2013

24 February 2013

Ingenious Idea, Dragging Files Between Computer & Phone

This concept is so simple and clever that you wounder why it doesent exist already.
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Charge Batteries from Electromagnetic Fields

Dennis Siegel, a digital media student at the University of the Arts in Bremen, Germany made an Electromagnetic HarvestersIt's a small device that wirelessly leech off electromagnetic fields to charge AA batteries in 24hrs.
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Origami Expert Invents Shoes For Nike

As one of the founding members of Nike’s Innovation Kitchen, Friton is known for minimalistic designs.
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21 February 2013

State of the Union Speach 2013 - Chart Enhanced Version

On February 12, 2013, President Obama gave his annual State of the Union speech, but this year it was “enhanced” with charts, data visualizations and additional information in a sidebar of the display (full video above). 
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20 February 2013


First a toy, and then a utility for food, metals, strings and wires, etc

19 February 2013

Comandante (2003) Oliver Stone Documentary: Fidel Castro

Hear both sides of the story, before making a judgement. +

18 February 2013

Island disputes in Asia

There is yet a need to find a code of conduct resolve these disputes.
Additional: TheEconomist2012-08, USChinaInstitute2010

17 February 2013

Online education portal - Coursera

Compelling video, but I have yet to find an useful course.

Links: www.coursera.org, www.edx.org, www.udacity.comwww.futurelearn.com
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11 February 2013

Can you trust your brain?

Which colour is lighter?

10 February 2013

Scratch 2.0 - programming for kids

Scratch is programming for kids - with LEGO-like building blocks. Program your own Story, make a Game. 
There are millions of projects to try, and investigate. 

Links: 1min tutorialTED-talk, Related-LittleBits

03 February 2013

Biohacking (from IT to BT)

Soon your kids will know things and start things you couldn't even imagine.
The personal biotech communities have started to sprout, everywhere. And your kids might already be there, instead of in school. 

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Temporary link:
Goats making spider silk. Forward to 17:30
Biohacking a biomachine on a cafĂ©. Forward to 27:00
1million litre bacterial Biodiesel in production. Forward to 34:00
Year 2012 people do things in garages that gave the Nobel prize 2008 (6years ago). Forward to 44:00

* Enhancing root systems