08 May 2017

Weekend notes: Fundamental logic

I see the same Pattern in any-thing, every-where.

The two most fundamental groups are...
a) Groups/Categories/Dimensions/Entities & Measures/Scalar (as attribute)
b) Processes/Transformations/Program & Time (as attribute)

Measures is an attribute to the more fundamental Categories.

The most important 'Category' is Life (most advanced is most valuable).
Life is often Categorised as Stakeholders (or Value-Receivers).

Processes are Assembly line, Program, with primary focus on Effectiveness or Efficiency.

Primitive=Single/Fundamental, is the foundation for the more advanced.
Grammar of graphics, CC BYRStudioTake all Mathematical functions; Input, Transform, Output
Take all IT-System functions; ...
Take all Business functions; Input, Transform, Output

Take all Categorisations; IfThenElse ... all Categorisation IfMin/Max, IfMedian,
Take all Group by Categories, Group by Measures (f.ex. Sum)

Take all Tables of Categories, Measures

Take DataTypes;
- Categories (Picture, Sequential characters,  Objects, ...)
- Measures (Number, Time, ...)
- Boolean (True, False, ?)
- Referential (...)

QualiWare Enterprise Architecture Framework

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