13 October 2013

Market society

It touches on today's Letter to the editor (debate):
Alt. A: One level of state services (all bound to one level of service)
Alt. B: Multiple levels of state services (all free to make the best choice - favors those that has the ability to 1. make the best choose, 2. pay for the best choice)

How could it work in a company?

Note that both the professor (speaker) and the article has a connection to Harvard.

Source: TED, DN

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01 October 2013

UN, Environment, Carbon prohibition laws?

United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, 1972 Stockholm (Wikipedia) --: 26 principles

Meetings: Agenda 21, Earth summit, Kyoto protocol
Monitors: IPCC, IPCC 2013
Actions: A UN sanctioned Prohibition of carbon-based release into the environment? 

Water locked in ice: 
Antarctica: +60meter, Greenland: +0.5meter

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DNA programming language

Similar to using Python or Java to write code for a computer, chemists soon could be able to use a structured set of instructions to "program" how DNA molecules interact in a test tube or cell.

Source: link

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