25 February 2007


Immem is a new music service with some nice features:
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23 February 2007

Virtual PC - Run XP inside Vista

Microsoft just released Virtual PC 2007, next post.
The interesting thing is that you can also run Linux; reference guide to Virtual PC 2004.
Another interesting concept is LivePC by moka5; read more.

17 February 2007

Twingly screensaver

The global blogg community can now been seen in real time 24-7. Twingly screensaver from Primelabs makes it possible.

15 February 2007

Animation software could integrate

The next step will be integration.

Alice: Video demo
Alice provide students with the first exposure to programming interactive 3D graphics; students ranging from middle schoolers to college.

Google Sketchup
Google SketchUp is a deceptively simple, amazingly powerful tool for creating, viewing, and modifying 3D ideas quickly and easily. Google SketchUp was developed to combine the elegance and spontaneity of pencil sketching with the speed and flexibility of today's digital media.
Plugins: 3D PDF exporter, PDF sample

Blender: Galleries
is the open source software for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, post-production, interactive creation and playback.

05 February 2007

I was a long time since I visited a pet store

Animals you probably never knew existed.
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04 February 2007


Welcome to the playground of one Mr Paul Neave, serial Flash fettler and interactive designer. Paul says hello. Hello!

Neave is the man who gave us Flash Earth and now he is back with Neave.Tv


JamGlue is an online community, similar to SpliceMusic, where you can listen to or mix music from a library of tracks and other mixes.
A community built around derivative works begs the big question: copyright? Both JamGlue and Splice use the Creative Commons license. JamGlue has it broken down into five different licenses that always allow remixing, but also control commercial use and modification of the original license.
Source: TechCrunch

03 February 2007

Strange statues

How I love to see creativity made possible. Here is a link to a great collection around the world.

The Evolution in 15min

An interesting video about the evolution.

Stanford Prison Experiment

The Stanford Prison Experiment in 1971. The goal back in 1971 was to study the behavioral and psychological consecenses of becoming a prisoner or prison guard. It was supposed to last for 2weeks but had to be ended after just 6 days.

Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music

1982 was when it all began. Yes, 1982 was the pivotal year that electronic music crashed into prominence. Nothing happened earlier than that. And it was all due to the creation of a single, ingenius invention, one of the most celebrated collaberations of collaberaters in the standards-fractured world of electronic equipment: MIDI.

But maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. To try and pinpoint the exact origins of electronic music, you first have to look at...