28 January 2008

Best place to live and work - A revolution

This mapping work from Department for Transport & mySociety is quite important because it provides a potentially revolutionary new way of working out the best place for people to live and work.
There are several different interactive maps that compares House prices to Travel time, Driving vs Public transport (in Edinburgh), and Bicycling vs Public transport.
This mapping will be made for all major cities, influencing how and where cities will grow.

27 January 2008

US Election 2008 - Poll average

Democratic (above) and Republican (below) poll average.

I just listened to an excellent speech on moral values by Obama. There are few other presidential candidates that I can see make the same speech, being bold and intelligent and in my belief so very right.

26 January 2008

Virgin Galactic - an eye watering experience

This morning, Richard Branson’s spaceship startup Virgin Galactic unveiled the second design of its suborbital vehicles, SpaceShipTwo and White Knight Two. SpaceShipTwo is what the passengers will actually ride in, and White Knight Two is the launch vehicle that carries it to a high altitude before releasing the rocket.

On the initial $200,000 price per flight, Branson notes:
Within five years of launching, we hope that price will come down dramatically. We accept that $200,00, even though the dollar is not worth much anymore, is still too expensive for the majority of people.
By comparison, a trans-Atlantic flight in 1939 between New York and England cost the equivalent of $47,000 in today’s dollars. That was one-way and coach.

20 January 2008

The 2007 Feltron Annual Report

The 2007 Feltron Annual Report is a self measurement of Nicholas Feltons life.
"I began documenting my week equipped with the stopwatch on my mobile phone, a digital cooking scale, a set of daily survey sheets I made for the assignment, and the notepad application on my phone. "

The PRINT Magazine has made an interview with 4 people who all share the same type of obsessive curiosity. In the article The Obsessives, the four artists explain how they documented a week of consumption in their own visual medium. The Print magazine managing editor Emily Gordon asks about their work and the connection between consumer culture and their art.

So should this be call interesting or fun?

01 January 2008

The most influencial Flashsite of the decade

2Advanced Studios have received the FWA award - the most influential flash site of the decade. The runner ups - like the 2006 award, In Sync Challenge - are worth viewing as well.
Every day the FWA posts a sites and then from them selects the Site Of The Month. Many of them are fun, interesting, or impressive. So be sure to have plenty of time before you start visiting them.

Interesting notes:
- 2Advanced Studio also features Neverrain on their v2. site. Their latest site V.5 makes heavy use of Flash Dynamic Deep Linking (DDL) and XML data cache to end the debate of the usability of Flash.
- Jeroen Wijering (I've used his free MP3 player on my site + the MappedUp news ticker) he has a good explaination of different Video compression formats on his site.
- ZamZar converts any format to any other format.
- Nice flash players from Flowplayer, imagevueX.com, discovered by the FlashGuru.
- Asual - Open software that pushes the limit
- Macromedia FlashPaper2: PDF and Flash merged

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