01 January 2008

The most influencial Flashsite of the decade

2Advanced Studios have received the FWA award - the most influential flash site of the decade. The runner ups - like the 2006 award, In Sync Challenge - are worth viewing as well.
Every day the FWA posts a sites and then from them selects the Site Of The Month. Many of them are fun, interesting, or impressive. So be sure to have plenty of time before you start visiting them.

Interesting notes:
- 2Advanced Studio also features Neverrain on their v2. site. Their latest site V.5 makes heavy use of Flash Dynamic Deep Linking (DDL) and XML data cache to end the debate of the usability of Flash.
- Jeroen Wijering (I've used his free MP3 player on my site + the MappedUp news ticker) he has a good explaination of different Video compression formats on his site.
- ZamZar converts any format to any other format.
- Nice flash players from Flowplayer, imagevueX.com, discovered by the FlashGuru.
- Asual - Open software that pushes the limit
- Macromedia FlashPaper2: PDF and Flash merged

Actionscript 3.0: Use the mouse to change perspective:

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