20 August 2012

Volcano's and earthquakes - live updates

Web cameras with live updates from all major sites. Including visiting trips, professional pictures etc.

Link: http://www.volcanodiscovery.com/
Example: http://webcams.volcanodiscovery.com/Kilauea#VW_mCont

16 August 2012

The likelihood of life

Interesting movie the likelihood of life.
On earth we see numerous forms of Convergent biology, how likely is it on other places in the universe.

Part 2, Part 3.
Link: AxessTop Documentary Films

11 August 2012

Harvard - Most popular course

Video interview: Using positive psychology
Full interview [9 minutes, 15 seconds]

Link: Most popular course at Harvard
Link: Report, YouTube uploads

05 August 2012

View Now! NASA Live Streams Mars 'Curiosity' Landing

Edible things in nature

Academic Institutions - Free online

Academic Institutions

A number of US universities have made selected lectures or even entire courses available as part of initiatives to share the knowledge within their quality programs with the world:
Link to this post
Link to Other universities


I've wrote about Coro36ink in 2007, since some of his city pictures were just amazing (link broken now).

Here is a place (way) to find others artists with similar skills.

04 August 2012

Business Model Generation

A book worth knowing about or reading. It's easy to read and has the potential to become a generic Business Model. Video.

Link: http://www.businessmodelgeneration.com/book
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