15 April 2007

Andy Mckee - Rylynn

If you have not heard Andy Mckee before, you will love to hear this. This tune is called Rylynn from his latest album Art of motion and is dedicated to a friend of his family who passed away suddenly.

One of so many comments: "I've been playing for 10 years or so. But never have i heard "real" beaufiful music like this one. It's magical. Words can't explain how Andy plays. his music comes within the soul, that is what music is all about, creating something so amazing like this. It's like a time travel, takes me to happy moments in life."

Here are some more tunes: Drifting, The Friend I never met, For My Father, Rylynn Live, Into the Ocean Live
And don't miss his homepage http://www.andymckee.com/

Here is another great song writer Billy Mclaughlin. First time I heard Helms place was a great moment. Especially after reading about his fight against dystonia, 2.

08 April 2007

First Interactive Flash program

This is my first interactive flash program.
Try to move the blue levers and the gauges will change.

If you get this message: "Some controls on this presentation can't be activated. They might not be registered on this computer." Then you have to reinstall Flash in Internet Explorer. Unfortunately it's a Windows bug. Uninstall Flash, Check your version of flash and install the latest Flash player. To check version move the mouse over the "About" label. Remember you have to check both Firefox and Internet Explorer.

01 April 2007

The relative size of earth

This is a small animation illustrating the relative size of stars & plants, from Mercury (4,480km) over Jupiter (142,984km) to W Cephei (3,676,200,000km)

It can also be seen here.
Here you can also view the smallest to the largest object known to mankind.