26 July 2017

Weekend notes

Pic. Different worlds

Tri-Croma: Age of population

1200 years of data

1. Resources (Data=Input)
2. Processes (ValueCreation)
3. Products/Services (Output)
4. Enterprise (Integration of all pieces)

Pic. https://twitter.com/AlanCorso/status/874589783036702720

BI+Analytics Conference Trends Webinar on Top Analytic Trends from Timo Elliott

Activity Ratios:

Information processor
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Pic. Silicon-based (Machine-Info.Proc.),        Carbon based (Human-Info.Processor)

Information Processor

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Pic. Subjective (broad-contextual) v.s. Objective (deep-contextual) ... by time

Astrakan method (http://slideplayer.se/slide/2313444/)

Operational Management

What is Agile


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The ATP content of living seedlings (red).

Where's the energy ?

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Control Theory lectures