26 July 2013

Prime pattern vortex

Interesting. Wonder how far this pattern can repeat itself?
The intuitive feeling is of a Conic spiral in terraces, with some kind of bend - maybe linked to the prime constant.

Klingemann Prime Number Spiral
Picture: Klingemann Prime Number Spiral - ot not

Source: link, prime number vortex

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13 July 2013

Krypton memory crystals - now in the lab

"Coined as the 'Superman' memory crystal, as the glass memory has been compared to the "memory crystals" used in the Superman films, the data is recorded via self-assembled nanostructures created in fused quartz, which is able to store vast quantities of data for over a million years. The information encoding is realised in five dimensions: the size and orientation in addition to the three dimensional position of these nano-structures. 

Using nano-structured glass, scientists at the University of Southampton have, for the first time, experimentally demonstrated the recording and retrieval processes of five dimensional digital data by femto-second laser writing. The storage allows unprecedented parameters including 360 TB/disc data capacity, thermal stability up to 1000°C and practically unlimited lifetime."

Source: ScienceDaily

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02 July 2013

Habitable planets doubled

Left: Cloud cover can doubles the number of potentially habitable planets orbiting red dwarfs - most common type of stars. Right: Planets are found through the dimming of the light, and wobbling.

Source: ScienceDaily on Google+
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