25 June 2017

Weekend notes

Change-process (re-direct resources):
Image result for control systemImage result for simple control system block diagram
Pic. See, Decide action, Execute action.......Simplest reaction

Pic. (link)

Related image

Related image

Agile: change quickly (soft-ware)
Robust: change slowly (hard-ware)

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In: Indic-ator
Out: Actu-ator (action, execu-tor)

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Controlling the Core-processes ;-) ... ?
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Google’s speech recognition technology now has a 4.9% word error rate
Photo published for Google’s speech recognition technology now has a 4.9% word error rate

Pic. good colors (link)

Pic. good colors (link)

Every question creates a dent in the universe, towards which an answer can roll.
As so is very dimension.
Constants are resources
Creation, Formation, Transformation, pr


Universe is falling (and we...makes sense)

Figure 4-12 shows how the outputs of lower order work processes are used as inputs to higher order work processes, along with additional resource inputs.  This applies to all levels of work from sub-projects to projects/processes to programs to branch to agency to portfolio.  Further explanation can be found in the surrounding text.
Link: Methods (Bottom-up, Top-down, Start2End, End2Start)

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Elon Musk Best Advice  - Very similar world-view (though, I would add a few things)

Origami formula, Electronic lense, Solar paint

"Using a sophisticated type of mathematics in a way that it has never been used before in neuroscience, a scientists have uncovered a universe of multi-dimensional geometrical structures and spaces within the networks of the brain. This research has significant implications for our understanding of the brain."







Great News, again

08 May 2017

Weekend notes: Fundamental logic

I see the same Pattern in any-thing, every-where.

The two most fundamental groups are...
a) Groups/Categories/Dimensions/Entities & Measures/Scalar (as attribute)
b) Processes/Transformations/Program & Time (as attribute)

Measures is an attribute to the more fundamental Categories.

The most important 'Category' is Life (most advanced is most valuable).
Life is often Categorised as Stakeholders (or Value-Receivers).

Processes are Assembly line, Program, with primary focus on Effectiveness or Efficiency.

Primitive=Single/Fundamental, is the foundation for the more advanced.
Grammar of graphics, CC BYRStudioTake all Mathematical functions; Input, Transform, Output
Take all IT-System functions; ...
Take all Business functions; Input, Transform, Output

Take all Categorisations; IfThenElse ... all Categorisation IfMin/Max, IfMedian,
Take all Group by Categories, Group by Measures (f.ex. Sum)

Take all Tables of Categories, Measures

Take DataTypes;
- Categories (Picture, Sequential characters,  Objects, ...)
- Measures (Number, Time, ...)
- Boolean (True, False, ?)
- Referential (...)

QualiWare Enterprise Architecture Framework

Image result for Enterprise architecture framework

Intro to R

30 April 2017

Weekend Notes - EA Design

Enterprise Architectural Design

Video: Enterprice Architects

SOA architecture

Engagement model: Engaging IASA-roles + Rule engine



Picture: The Fundamental Framework is the same (Laws-Rules can also be targets) - video

O-Def: http://o-def.info/core (RDF-format)
Old post: http://bloggotype.blogspot.se/2016/04/

Disposable income
How does it compare when major costs (Health-care, Education/University, etc) are Free ?
Taxes (for public/social welfare) should be included.
I've said it before: "We need an international personal Income Statement standard".

01 April 2017

Weekend notes - best theory of everything

27.000 Platinum Atoms in 3D
Surpricingly high poverty:

Unifying language:
Magicians-attention, Entrepreneurs-people-connection, Storytellers-emotions, designers/artists-visuals


What are the underlying values ?

Energy: Fotonic (electro/magnetic), Electronic, Protonic
Travels via (can/can't): space, conductor, ...

Dismantle democratic processes:
"STEPHEN BANNON, President Donald Trump’s chief strategist, famously promised the “deconstruction of the administrative state”. On March 16th, the Trump administration took its first step toward achieving Mr Bannon’s vision by proposing a budget that makes steep cuts to domestic programmes. Not all departments would suffer."

Renewables are now Australia's cheapest energy option
Elon Musk history:


Scientists have created a new technique that simplifies the production of human brain and muscle cells -- allowing millions of functional cells to be generated in just a few days.

Genome predictions


Photo published for Mobile 3D printer can build an entire house in just 24 hours
Print a house in 1day for 10.000US$ (link)

Correlation between Inequality & Growth ?