12 August 2016

Holiday notes2 - Grammar of graphics (ggplot2)

Grammar Of Graphics + Gestalt Principles


Video: Grammar of Graphics separates. 

Picture: Gestalt principles



    1.   Event-verb-sentence

Picture: How to Decipher an Event-sentence

Predicate: the event (vad händer)
Subject: someone/something… = utförare/activator for the event
Direct/Accusative-object: the (verkans)-object (what/who) that is changed
Indirect/Dative-object: for who ? the beneficiary for the event = stakeholder

Adverbial = Event-attribute (preciserar verb, såsom adjektiv för substantiv)
a)   dimensions: when/where/how/why (why=the reason)
b)   measures: how much/many (measure-adv.)
c)   perception: how something is perceived; f.ex. beautiful, intensive (sätts-adv.)
+gradient: how much/little; very beautiful (grad-adv.)
d)   judgement: f.ex. maybe, surely, not, … (sats-adverbial)
e)   feeling/attitude: f.ex. unfortunately, jag kommer gärna, …


Adverb express verb-properties. F.ex. he runs fast. run=verb, fast=adverb.
It answer a question of how. F.ex. how does he run? Fast.
Adjective (adnoun) express noun properties. F.ex. how is the apple?

Modality express a person’s judgement about an event; how sure a current/future state/event/will is.

    2.   State/tillstånds-verb-sentence
a)   Event-verb-sentence:
Mahler sings. Sentence ok.
b)   State/tillstånds-verb-sentence:
Mahler är (is)… här behövs predikats-fyllnad.
Han heter (is called)…      -  ‘’  - (subjekts-pf)
Lisa kallar honom…          -  ‘’  - (objekts-pf)

Picture: How to Decipher an Definition-sentence (link)

Predikats-fyllnad (=complement): Is/Is-Named



Input --> Process --> Output

Wolfram Language - Vad är matematik ?

Wolfram Language
Coherence is the quality of being logical and consistent, forming a unified whole. 
All language-parts fits together; unified and integrated. 
That makes it easier to understand. 
Simple chains: Inputs --> algorithm/processes --> Input/Outputs --> algorithm/processes --> Input/Outputs --> ... 

Symmetry: Output <- Function(Input), where the function can be categorised as a reflection, rotation or scaling.
Automation: Auto-motion (because no-reason-to-do-it-any-other-way), Self-process 
Conjecture/Hypotheses = reasonable likely, förmodan

Classify = to define categories
1. Define A & B Commutative diagram for morphism.svg, 2. Define relationshipsVenn A intersect B.svg,
...definitions ordered into tree-branches/roots.
A. Define the logic p\Rightarrow q\,      , B. Define the calculation DFAexample.svg /transform/process/function

Video: Language book, Fast Intro for Programmers


Pic. Same pattern - towards a universal data definition language

Pic. Guiding Principles & Concepts, for the Wolfram Language

Canonical = conforming to a general rule or acceptable procedure, 
Mathematics. (of an equation, coordinate, etc.) in simplest or standardform

Pic. WDF language


Video: ...

Pic. ....

The 17 equations that changed the world
--> I look forward to see them United by 0

Holiday notes



Pic. Good

Picture: Interesting site (link) - found via Twitter

Constructional theory
Everything in nature moves in waves that Converge and Diverge, Bend Positive and Negative.
From water running down from a mountain (streams&deltas), and Potential Energy Surfaces.
Trees with roots and leaves, and the hierarchical tree-structure
It is a fundamental natural-law/property.

Pic. The governing law/principles drives the self-assembly + incl. the unpredictability.

A theory is a simplified and generic image of a complex and specific reality.

Is it morally legal with so few ? Quorum - protection against unrepresentative governance

Don' learn to be a Data-scientist, do what you enjoy to do

Ethics (actions) + Moral (~ethicology)

  • Equal opportunities, regardless of will/choice
    ~ freedom of will/choice  - pro will/choice
  • norms ~ pro/contra-operational and value rules
    when actions influence other people/life
  • the fact we live, put in debt/obligation to all forms of life
    our inheritance is the order discovered/built by past generations/life
  • current society put a high value on each individual - human rights
  • principals: 'universal-principal', 'veil-of-ignorance', 'put-yourself-in-the-other's-situation', don't 'do/don't do to others what you yourself want/don't want' - ask what they want

Image result for ethical values model
Pic. Think dimensions; far=now/future, wide=one/all, high=zoom in/out

Pic. Hedonometer

Nations Brands Index --> Good Country Index
Vid: "To do well, do good. To compete, co-operate. 2014 Ireland, 2016 Sweden, ...

26 July 2016

Life rights + Human rights - SEDA, Performance & Pay - Vacation notes

All Life's Rights Declaration
# All life (without discrimination) has the right to live
# Each life has the right to their way of life
# Weaker life has the right to support from stronger life
# Stronger life can get stronger if, only if strengthens weaker life, and diverse life
# Richness is measured by a continuous Sustainable growth
# Each life has the right to defend their life, without causing harm
# ...

...do right does good
Note: No references yet, on Google or Bing
Ren (ChinesepinyinrénWade–Gilesjen) is the Confucian virtue denoting the good feeling a virtuous human experiences when being altruisticRen is exemplified by a normal adult's protective feelings for children. It is considered the outward expression of Confucian ideals.
Yan Hui, Confucius's most outstanding student[citation needed], once asked his master to describe the rules of ren. Confucius replied, "One should
* see nothing improper,
* hear nothing improper,
* say nothing improper,
* do nothing improper."[1] 
Confucius also defined ren in the following way:
* "wishing to be established himself, seeks also to establish others;
* wishing to be enlarged himself, he seeks also to enlarge others."[2] 
Confucius also said,
* "Ren is not far off; he who seeks it has already found it." Ren is close to man and never leaves him.[3]
Input: no sensors detect any deviation (see, hear) --> does good
Output: no actuator cause any deviation (say, do) --> do right
Self sustainable development: Input --> Output --> Input --> ...

Human = all humans included, no exclusions (neither genetic/cultural).
Rights = owned by each human, and something you can't give away.
Purpose: do right does good

Framework for Human Rights Principles (ex. US)
Deviations are signals to develop the right processes, to get the right result.

Performance should be sustainable - f.e. democratic (for all & one)
Picture: Higher pay, lower result (link)

SEDA (Sustainable Economic Development Assessment)
Picture: clear correlation or causation? (link)

Picture: 2015-05

Pic. värde = has a value, värdering = the value defined by someone (link)

Everyone has the right to Life, Freedom and Safety.
Freedom + Safety --> instrumental to improve Life
Generous (creates freedom) + Courage (creates safety)

Word are used to express gliding scales from right/wrong towards good/bad: Law-Duty-Virtue
Like adjectives; they express nuances

Plikt-etik: you want to 'do right'
Sinnelags-etik: you want it 'be good'
Konsekvens-etik: you want something 'to happen'

Rätt-vis: Wise in acting right (just/justice)
God-vis: Wise in acting good - empathy to sense

Ethical theories
Pic. interesting summaries (link)

Ego-ism (I-ism) contra Nos-ism (we-ism)
Security; f.ex. privacy - free from being evaluated

Pic. Principles (guides the process;do right), Policy (how incl. intent;do good)

policy is a) a deliberate system of principles, and b) a statement of intent, - what (by the Board)
implemented as a procedure/protocol, - how (by the Executive/Operation)
to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes - why (for the Stakeholders).
They assist in both subjective and objective decision making.

While law can compel or prohibit behaviours, 
policy merely guides actions toward those that are most likely to achieve a desired outcome.

principle is a law or rule that has to be, or usually is to be followed,or reflecting system's designed purpose, 
The principle of any effect is the cause that produces it.
A principle represents values that orient and rule the conduct of persons.
A principle is moral rule/belief that helps you know what is right/wrong and that influences your actions.


Pic. Two dimensions; Right/Wrong v.s. Good/bad. Note high in causality; right-->good

Pic. Now in Sweden (high in Self-expression), it's mainly based on a personal opinion. 

The perception of How-It-Is (behaviour), and How-It-Should-Be
x-axis: Independence. Freedom from other individuals; family/friends. Strong society/civil-ecosystem.
y-axis: Values. Traditional? v.s. Modern?/Secular. The scale is not well defined.

"Se till att värderingar handlar om det som verkligen är viktigt och det som är etiskt att styra över, blanda inte in hur människor ska känna eller attityder – det är inte beteenden."


Pic. Survival --> Me --> We (Barett model)

Pic. Document, Other Articles

Vad gjorde att det blev ett “Dream Team”?
Tydliga definition
Tydliga mål
Professionell attityd
G...Ett mänskligt helhetssystem
Ett helhetssystem som kräver åtgärder i alla fyra dimensioner på samma gång