10 December 2017

Anatomy of Analytics



A free (autonomous) will (desire), which lead to that I impose procedure (freely) upon myself.
As opposed to obey a desire (will), I have not chosen freely = heteronomy.
To chose the
The motif


Image result for Von Neumann's computer architecture

Tax-havens in the world

Age of women at first birth

Anatomy of Analytics - I think this is it!
Fact-tables contain Process-changes (f.ex. Income statement) or Resource-changes (Balance sheet).


Dimensional Tables are resources: Time is a resource, Customers, Products, Territories, etc
View them as a stock. The process change the stock (value). They are a prerequisite for the process but has no other value (a warehouse has no value without transactions). So the true value is Process by Resource (turnover. Profit shows the distribution).

Similar conclusions; Resources to create Value. Separate the Process-(flow)-table from Measure-table (current state). Then add a Desired-state-table --> a Control center. And do likewise starting from Resources ('current' state) and Resources ("available" state).

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