27 November 2016

Weekend notes + ARIS + Unethical not to evolve + SI-units

Close to how I think...

Video: See at 6.34.

Unethical not to evolve
Video: ... + Planetary-database


Fundamental building blocks

Pic. Current model and proposed. The fundamental 'should be' at the base, and then branch upwards.

Storheter som bara har storlek och dimension kallas skalära
De som dessutom har riktning kallas vektoriella eller vektorstorheter.
SI-enheter, Härledda SI-enheter
Skalär storhet: storlek och dimension
Vektorstorhet: storlek, riktning och dimension
En vektorstorhets storlek är aldrig negativ.

Substansmängd (tidigare kallad ämnesmängd) är en grundstorhet, som anger ett antal av mer eller mindre reella partiklar eller kroppar. Jfr. substantiv.
Substansen består av elementära partiklar. Ex. Ampere är en ström av elektroner. Substansmängden elektroner kallas coloumb. 1 Ampere = 1 Coloumb per sekund.

Fotoelektrisk effekt är ett fysikaliskt fenomen där elektroner slungas ut från ett ämne då det belyses medelektromagnetisk strålning av tillräckligt hög frekvens
Ljus (>viss frekvens) --> Elektronen slungas ut ur sin bana

3 fall:
  • Fotonens energi är mindre än utträdesarbetet: Elektronen får inte tillräckligt med energi för att slås ut från metallen.
  • Fotonens energi är lika med utträdesarbetet: Elektronen får nätt och jämnt energi till att slås ut, men inget kvar till rörelseenergi Ek.
  • Fotonens energi är större än utträdesarbetet: Elektronen slås ut och får en rörelseenergi Ek = hf - W0.

På följande grundenheter baseras alla andra enheter:
Elektrisk strömampereA
Ampere = Coulomb per sec
Temp = energy via radiation or material 
Mol is an amount of substance
The UniVerse
View1: Matter and Non-matter, M : nM, M = E/c^2 : nM= ... ?
View2: Energy and Non-energy, E : nE, E=Mc^2 : nM=... ?
View3: Distance & Time
A DiVine

Human BrainCells: 85,000,000,000, Each have ca7,000 relations (synapses)
C-Elegance: 300 x 300 --

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Form follows Function : Inspiration creates Transformation 

20 November 2016

Holliday notes: Viable complexity + Google research

Stabilize the template, the information-carrier for the process:
But is it errors, or incremental developments.

Deciphering information:
"This suggests that we are approaching human performance—but only on well-formed text. "
Google research blog

Ambiguity, can be handled by experience; of what's important.

Pastiche (Content, Style) =>
Content = Current Facts
Style = changes (errors/improvements) to evolve, towards a new complexity.
Image result for https://research.googleblog.com tables

Translation quality:

An organism consists of organs or functions - a living or recursive function.

Holiday notes: From Values to Behaviours & Result

Exempel processmodell kompletterad med styrning
Source: Astrakan; target steering is there but not resource limitations/rules

Enterprise architecture (EA) is "a well-defined practice for conducting enterprise analysis, design, planning, and implementation, using a holistic approach at all times, for the successful development and execution of strategy. Enterprise architecture applies architecture principles and practices to guide organizations through the business, information, process, and technology changes necessary to execute their strategies. These practices utilize the various aspects of an enterprise to identify, motivate, and achieve these changes."[1]
Practitioners of enterprise architecture, enterprise architects, are responsible for performing the analysis of business structure and processes and are often called upon to draw conclusions from the information collected to address the goals of enterprise architecture: effectivenessefficiencyagility, and durability.[2]

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Pic. Process & Resource layer (Source)

Related image
We've come to a very similar conclusion. Including the next (core) step in the process.
But one fundamental thin is missing; the AsIs-ToBe-transition.

Search for Data Tables

Google search: Värderingar

Swedish values
In-dependent is right
* Government is Safety, Justice.
* Science is facts - Enlightenment - Honest
* Politics is values - Democracy/Liberalism - Right -- f.e. Equality is right
* Religion is fictitious
* Duty: Society, Environment, 

The Rationale = reasons backward
Purpose = reasons forward
IDI - Beteende analys
IDI-samtliga 16 profiler                                A         B                 C            D                        ...
IDI-stilarnas konflikt/stress             Uppoffrar       Angriper                             Uppoffrar           Angripe...
Profiler – karaktäristika              RELATOR                                       MOTIVATOR     Motiveras av:     Samhö...

Compare with IDI
Image result for värderingar skolan

Image result for värderingar skolan

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Note: The water represents "the situation/context" - 

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Related image

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09 November 2016

Presidential forecast

Source: NyTimes


The Trump story... :-)

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Values & Principles for an agile (efficient/effective) process:

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12 August 2016

Holiday notes2 - Grammar of graphics (ggplot2)

Grammar Of Graphics + Gestalt Principles


Video: Grammar of Graphics separates. 

Picture: Gestalt principles



    1.   Event-verb-sentence

Picture: How to Decipher an Event-sentence

Predicate: the event (vad händer)
Subject: someone/something… = utförare/activator for the event
Direct/Accusative-object: the (verkans)-object (what/who) that is changed
Indirect/Dative-object: for who ? the beneficiary for the event = stakeholder

Adverbial = Event-attribute (preciserar verb, såsom adjektiv för substantiv)
a)   dimensions: when/where/how/why (why=the reason)
b)   measures: how much/many (measure-adv.)
c)   perception: how something is perceived; f.ex. beautiful, intensive (sätts-adv.)
+gradient: how much/little; very beautiful (grad-adv.)
d)   judgement: f.ex. maybe, surely, not, … (sats-adverbial)
e)   feeling/attitude: f.ex. unfortunately, jag kommer gärna, …


Adverb express verb-properties. F.ex. he runs fast. run=verb, fast=adverb.
It answer a question of how. F.ex. how does he run? Fast.
Adjective (adnoun) express noun properties. F.ex. how is the apple?

Modality express a person’s judgement about an event; how sure a current/future state/event/will is.

    2.   State/tillstånds-verb-sentence
a)   Event-verb-sentence:
Mahler sings. Sentence ok.
b)   State/tillstånds-verb-sentence:
Mahler är (is)… här behövs predikats-fyllnad.
Han heter (is called)…      -  ‘’  - (subjekts-pf)
Lisa kallar honom…          -  ‘’  - (objekts-pf)

Picture: How to Decipher an Definition-sentence (link)

Predikats-fyllnad (=complement): Is/Is-Named



Input --> Process --> Output
WordNet: organised by Meaning (or relation)
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Image result for wordnetNouns
  • hypernymsY is a hypernym of X if every X is a (kind of) Y
    canine is a hypernym of dog)
  • hyponymsY is a hyponym of X if every Y is a (kind of) X
    dog is a hyponym of canine)
  • coordinate termsY is a coordinate term of X if X and Y share a hypernym
    wolf is a coordinate term of dog, and dog is a coordinate term of wolf)
  • meronymY is a meronym of X if Y is a part of X
    window is a meronym of building)
  • holonymY is a holonym of X if X is a part of Y
    building is a holonym of window)

  • hypernym: the verb Y is a hypernym of the verb X if the activity X is a (kind of) Y
    (to perceive is an hypernym of to listen)
  • troponym: the verb Y is a troponym of the verb X if the activity Y is doing X in some manner
    (to lisp is a troponym of to talk)
  • entailment: the verb Y is entailed by X if by doing X you must be doing Y
    (to sleep is entailed by to snore)
  • coordinate terms: those verbs sharing a common hypernym
    (to lisp and to yell)

Adjectives specifies a none (object) via comparisons/contrastations or e-valuation.
Adverb specifies a verb (event) via an answer to how/when/where/what way questions.---
Social groups & Value-based words (Norsk Monitor, SlidePlayer):

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