20 November 2016

Holiday notes: From Values to Behaviours & Result

Exempel processmodell kompletterad med styrning
Source: Astrakan; target steering is there but not resource limitations/rules

Enterprise architecture (EA) is "a well-defined practice for conducting enterprise analysis, design, planning, and implementation, using a holistic approach at all times, for the successful development and execution of strategy. Enterprise architecture applies architecture principles and practices to guide organizations through the business, information, process, and technology changes necessary to execute their strategies. These practices utilize the various aspects of an enterprise to identify, motivate, and achieve these changes."[1]
Practitioners of enterprise architecture, enterprise architects, are responsible for performing the analysis of business structure and processes and are often called upon to draw conclusions from the information collected to address the goals of enterprise architecture: effectivenessefficiencyagility, and durability.[2]

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Pic. Process & Resource layer (Source)

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We've come to a very similar conclusion. Including the next (core) step in the process.
But one fundamental thin is missing; the AsIs-ToBe-transition.

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Swedish values
In-dependent is right
* Government is Safety, Justice.
* Science is facts - Enlightenment - Honest
* Politics is values - Democracy/Liberalism - Right -- f.e. Equality is right
* Religion is fictitious
* Duty: Society, Environment, 

The Rationale = reasons backward
Purpose = reasons forward
IDI - Beteende analys
IDI-samtliga 16 profiler                                A         B                 C            D                        ...
IDI-stilarnas konflikt/stress             Uppoffrar       Angriper                             Uppoffrar           Angripe...
Profiler – karaktäristika              RELATOR                                       MOTIVATOR     Motiveras av:     Samhö...

Compare with IDI
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Note: The water represents "the situation/context" - 

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