06 November 2006

Blufr - Trivial pursuit

What is blufr? blufr is a new trivia-type game that hopefully gets people of all ages addicted to learning obscure facts. There's no evil agenda. Just play and keep playing. Added: And don't miss the BlufBusters.

04 November 2006

Crystal Xcelsius

Business Objects has released a free, lightweight version of its spreadsheet visualization software Crystal Xcelsius. Called CX NOW, it’s a Windows desktop application that connects with Excel, Powerpoint and Word to offer an interface for creating dynamic graphs and charts based on spreadsheet data.
A good way to start is to goto DataPig Technologies - Xcelsius. They've got videos tips and tricks, like how to create your own maps.
Crystal Xcelsius also has some tips and templates: Password protections, CX-templates, Xcelsius - Best Practices, Show cases, 2. I just found Xcelsius online Help + Discussion Forum

03 November 2006

It's all about finding the lines

Michael Turner explains "Sex Appeal". (Or what he thinks sex appeal is.) Incidentally it also illustrates the meaning of "overposed".
Oh, so you want to see more...Then click on the picture.

And watching the moves.

01 November 2006

Diet Coke + Mentos video

Google’s first “Sponsored Video” had its debut. Titled The Domino Effect, it’s Diet Coke and Mentos part II from the guys in white lab coats - EepyBird. This video clip is from their original video.
On their site you can also find out what happens when you eat Mentos after you drink Diet Coke.