13 September 2008

And the Winner is .... the European Union

The European Union won most medals in the Olympic games and Paralymipic summer games 2008.

In the Olympics, EU won 2-3 times as many medals as China and US.
In the Paralympics, EU won 2-3 times as many medals as China and 5 times more than US.
Compared per inhabitant China is far behind and US is slightly behind.

Now the interesting is when the media use this information. Will this trigger Euro-nationalistic feelings? The "We won" syndrome.
Does this say anything about Several countries compared to Several states compared to One large country?

06 September 2008

Some Software

Screen Capture
BB-Flashback Express

Screen share

Best PDF-writers
PDF Split & Merge, Gios PDF Splitter & Merge
PDF to Excel (or Word)

Transfer large files

Software lists
Freeware lists & reviews (Gizmo's)
Best freeware sites
Open Source ALTernative
Sourceforge Software List

Zipeg, Peazip, 7-zip
Media Decoder, FLV editor
Password managers
Zoho, Office live
Desktop Screen stream
Feed creator
Disk Defragmenter

Screen recorders +/-

+ used by many professional. Has everything
+ good Learnings center: High Quality and Small file size
~ $299 30day trial

Jing - what is it
+ On-line freeware. 5min limit
- Can not zoom.

BB Flashback - get started
+ Appear sometimes on "Giveaway of the day"
+ Simple to use
- Can not zoom
~ $225

Instant Demo - Tutorial
+ Easy to get started
+ Very small file size and still High quality (0,1Mb/min). File type .swf
+ Demo version can be used indefinitely
+ streaming playback
~ $299 watermarked endless trial

CamStudio - Blog
+ Open source/Freeware. File type .swf
- Can not zoom
- still sound problems?