23 June 2009


It's old but still fun to show

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22 June 2009

Portable computer 2.0 - 6th sense

This demo, from the Fluid Interfaces Lab of Pattie Maes at MIT, and spearheaded by PhD student Pranav Mistry, was the buzz of TED. SixthSense [pranavmistry.com] is a wearable device with a projector that paves the way for profound interaction with our environment. The innovative device allows to literally overlay everyday objects with real-time visualizations, in order to inform users about normally invisible information relevant to the objects in view. Imagine ingredient pie charts beamed on top of apple pies. Imagine Facebook comments projected on people's foreheads.

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21 June 2009

Create your own music - Dub FX

Dub FX, is a beatbox artist who street performs all over Europe. Watching him construct one of his multilayered compositions is impressive—he throws some pitch-shifted bass underneath ethereal treble highlights and solid hip-hop vocals:

Here are some more samples, 2, and just Mr Woodnote.

Roam Bi - from Xcelsius

RoamBi transform your existing data from a variety of sources into state-of-the-art, interactive visualizations for the iPhone. Explore and analyze your data with the ease of playing a video game and the power of an enterprise reporting tool.

And for now, It's Free to Try.
Just register, then use RoamBi.com to start turning your own data into dynamic visualizations for the iPhone.

Santiago Becerra behind RoamBi also started Xcelsius (another software I have written about). Buy Xcelsius

If you have time please check out Antivia, mentioned as Bi 2.0. I think it too early but it's a step in the right direction. , i

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