31 January 2015

Business Process Model + Modelling

The model (noun)
Picture: From the Australian Government, Department of Finance (link)

Good way of depicting the anatomy of a process (generic, it could be a Business process).

+ principles (link).

Picture: Efficiency = same Output with less Resources. Effective = more correct Output

The modelling (verb)

Fixed frame  -->  Modules (post-it notes)  -->  Collaboration

Resources (supply/input)
Mtrl (M), Time (T=C^2), Energy (E), Space


Why meaning matters - Outcomes, Benefits, CSFs, KPIs, Metrics and Measures from BSS Nexus Global Inc.

Simulation model

Interesting to to have all the Interactions between the stakeholders.
Also interesting with the Value added for the juridical entity as a final consumption.

The stakeholders define what is Effectiveness.
Output: Product=Apple (what you invoice) , Effect={Satisfied, Good,...}
Effectiveness = How well the target is met, according to how it has been defined, by the Stakeholder; by Product, or Effect.

Dimensionalize the Measures

File:SNA Main concepts 2008 SNA, 2012.PNG

P2 Intermediate consumption2800P1 Output4500
B1g Gross value added1700

Interesting. Eurostat and I move in similar direction (pdf).
Then I know where they will go next ;-) ... that's another post (coding people, processes).


Also interesting.

2013-2014 report

10 January 2015

Intelligent computers now understands states and changes

This just happened the last few months.
Computers can now see, they not only read+feel the mood, they can now also write,
Deep learning algorithms (machine learning) is the next level of statistical analysis understanding.
It's all about cooperation. Growth unaccounted for.

Any vibrating signal can be magnified, with this MATLAB code. Ted video link
Light (video recordings) and Material/Molecular movements (sound).

Machine Learning (MAML)
TED: Where are we todayKaggle2bloggtools used
Why care: Microsoft's Bing predicted midterm election with 95% accuracy
How ToDo: Getting Started on Azure Machine Learning Build a "Data Service"Blog2 (with VB)