24 May 2014

Income statement & Balance statement

Two fundamental ratios: Process (flow) ratios, Resource (asset) ratios, and Flow to Asset ratios.
A third is Variation.

The potential market is defined by the desired market - that we 'intend' to sell to. Of the Potential market one part is unavailable (to varying degree). A customer that creates a rightful cost for us to pursue, is rightfully our market, and part of our rightful market share.

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02 May 2014

The American dream, of equality

Video: The American dream: Their Vision and Perception, against the Facts

Picture: The richest and the poorest in 11 countries. Shows the difference in ethical core values (political/religious) - the re-distributive justice norm (in reality).

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Worlds most Over-exploited countries - Developed but Unsustainable

When, will a global authority organize life's survival? From Human Needs/demands to Life's Need, from Human Rights, to Life's Right, from Human Development Index to Life Development Index, by species, habitat, inter-species, etc.
Developed but unsustainable countries have just one direction of movement/freedom. But, is Ecological footprint the accepted renewable growth measure (like GDP), for material+energy usage?

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01 May 2014

Trace your ancestors home, 1000yrs ago via DNA

Tracing where your DNA was formed over 1,000 years ago is now possible, thanks to a revolutionary technique. The ground-breaking Geographic Population Structure tool works similarly to a satellite navigation system as it helps you to find your way home, but not the one you currently live in -- but rather your actual ancestor's home from 1,000 years ago.

Previously, scientists have only been able to locate where your DNA was formed to within 700kms, which in Europe could be two countries away; however this pioneering technique has been 98 per cent successful in locating worldwide populations to their right geographic regions, and down to their village and island of origin.

Tracing our ancestry is now a major social trend and genealogy is the number one hobby in America. An estimated one million people in the USA have already had their DNA genotyped. People can explore their DNA by simply taking a swab from inside their mouth and sending it to a company such as 23andme or ancestry.com for costs ranging from $99-$200.
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aap-s1kle4Q

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