12 August 2016

Holiday notes2 - Grammar of graphics (ggplot2)

Grammar Of Graphics + Gestalt Principles


Video: Grammar of Graphics separates. 

Picture: Gestalt principles



    1.   Event-verb-sentence

Picture: How to Decipher an Event-sentence

Predicate: the event (vad händer)
Subject: someone/something… = utförare/activator for the event
Direct/Accusative-object: the (verkans)-object (what/who) that is changed
Indirect/Dative-object: for who ? the beneficiary for the event = stakeholder

Adverbial = Event-attribute (preciserar verb, såsom adjektiv för substantiv)
a)   dimensions: when/where/how/why (why=the reason)
b)   measures: how much/many (measure-adv.)
c)   perception: how something is perceived; f.ex. beautiful, intensive (sätts-adv.)
+gradient: how much/little; very beautiful (grad-adv.)
d)   judgement: f.ex. maybe, surely, not, … (sats-adverbial)
e)   feeling/attitude: f.ex. unfortunately, jag kommer gärna, …


Adverb express verb-properties. F.ex. he runs fast. run=verb, fast=adverb.
It answer a question of how. F.ex. how does he run? Fast.
Adjective (adnoun) express noun properties. F.ex. how is the apple?

Modality express a person’s judgement about an event; how sure a current/future state/event/will is.

    2.   State/tillstånds-verb-sentence
a)   Event-verb-sentence:
Mahler sings. Sentence ok.
b)   State/tillstånds-verb-sentence:
Mahler är (is)… här behövs predikats-fyllnad.
Han heter (is called)…      -  ‘’  - (subjekts-pf)
Lisa kallar honom…          -  ‘’  - (objekts-pf)

Picture: How to Decipher an Definition-sentence (link)

Predikats-fyllnad (=complement): Is/Is-Named



Input --> Process --> Output
WordNet: organised by Meaning (or relation)
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  • hypernymsY is a hypernym of X if every X is a (kind of) Y
    canine is a hypernym of dog)
  • hyponymsY is a hyponym of X if every Y is a (kind of) X
    dog is a hyponym of canine)
  • coordinate termsY is a coordinate term of X if X and Y share a hypernym
    wolf is a coordinate term of dog, and dog is a coordinate term of wolf)
  • meronymY is a meronym of X if Y is a part of X
    window is a meronym of building)
  • holonymY is a holonym of X if X is a part of Y
    building is a holonym of window)

  • hypernym: the verb Y is a hypernym of the verb X if the activity X is a (kind of) Y
    (to perceive is an hypernym of to listen)
  • troponym: the verb Y is a troponym of the verb X if the activity Y is doing X in some manner
    (to lisp is a troponym of to talk)
  • entailment: the verb Y is entailed by X if by doing X you must be doing Y
    (to sleep is entailed by to snore)
  • coordinate terms: those verbs sharing a common hypernym
    (to lisp and to yell)

Adjectives specifies a none (object) via comparisons/contrastations or e-valuation.
Adverb specifies a verb (event) via an answer to how/when/where/what way questions.---
Social groups & Value-based words (Norsk Monitor, SlidePlayer):

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