12 August 2016

Holiday notes



Pic. Good

Picture: Interesting site (link) - found via Twitter

Constructional theory
Everything in nature moves in waves that Converge and Diverge, Bend Positive and Negative.
From water running down from a mountain (streams&deltas), and Potential Energy Surfaces.
Trees with roots and leaves, and the hierarchical tree-structure
It is a fundamental natural-law/property.

Pic. The governing law/principles drives the self-assembly + incl. the unpredictability.

A theory is a simplified and generic image of a complex and specific reality.

Is it morally legal with so few ? Quorum - protection against unrepresentative governance

Don' learn to be a Data-scientist, do what you enjoy to do

Ethics (actions) + Moral (~ethicology)

  • Equal opportunities, regardless of will/choice
    ~ freedom of will/choice  - pro will/choice
  • norms ~ pro/contra-operational and value rules
    when actions influence other people/life
  • the fact we live, put in debt/obligation to all forms of life
    our inheritance is the order discovered/built by past generations/life
  • current society put a high value on each individual - human rights
  • principals: 'universal-principal', 'veil-of-ignorance', 'put-yourself-in-the-other's-situation', don't 'do/don't do to others what you yourself want/don't want' - ask what they want

Image result for ethical values model
Pic. Think dimensions; far=now/future, wide=one/all, high=zoom in/out

Pic. Hedonometer

Nations Brands Index --> Good Country Index
Vid: "To do well, do good. To compete, co-operate. 2014 Ireland, 2016 Sweden, ...

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