24 July 2016

Robots - Machines & Emotions

The future is here:

Machine learning and emotions.
Video (time): "When you want to arouse emotions it is all the motions, in the timing of how the things moves. (2014-10)
Good Music: EDX, Nora En Pure, GAMPER & DADONI

From 2016-06: https://www.microsoft.com/cognitive-services/

Video (time): "the CEO setts the tone that can then can capture the soul of the collective - and it's Culture. The job of a CEO is to curate the culture that makes excellence happen" - the leading (not lagging) activities. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (2015-10)
To curate (to care for a museum/soul), that stakeholder sentiments is key.

NetPromotorScore (NPS) is flawed.

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