06 February 2016

Breakthrough with Bio-sensors + Quantum heat transport

The next generation of ultra-sensitive sensors, could depend on near atomic scale cracks/nanogaps, allowing individual signals of a biomarker molecule caught in the gaps to stand out. The presence of such a molecule would be indicated by a change in the scattering of light.

Source: ScienceDaily

Quantum computer is prone to errors due to external noise. A new innovation may be utilized in cooling quantum processors very efficiently and so cleverly that the operation of the computer is not disturbed. Möttönen's research group succeeded in measuring quantum-limited heat transport over distances up to a meter, where previously scientists have been able to measure such heat transport only up to distances comparable to the thickness of a human hair.

Source: ScienceDaily

Undocumented: Visualisation Theory

The RoadMap to exploring Life in the universe, or....
"...study of the origin, evolution, and distribution of life in the context of cosmic evolution; this includes habitability in the Solar System and beyond."

AstRoMap website

Syntetic Life
worlds first minimal synthetic bacterial cell
Picture: 473 genes to make a life-form - the first record to be broken (source).

"32% (149/473) of this organism's genes are of unknown biological function, suggesting the presence of undiscovered functions that are essential for life.  All the bioinformatics studies over the past 20 years have underestimated the number of essential genes by focusing only on the known world."

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