15 November 2015

Asteroids that Hit Earth last 20yrs - Threat/Opportunity

Map showing the bolide events from 1994 to 2013
Picture: All asteroids that hit earth - 1m-20m in size. Nasa, Near Earth Object Program.

Roughly 600 object during 20years = 30/yr. With better sensors, roughly 1/week. Dark matter?

An Opportunity
asteroid mining technology future timeline
Picture: Planetary Resources see this as an opportunity, now when it's legal to mine.

space fuel trend
Picture: The fuel consumption growth; actual and estimated

Profit Influencing Factors: 
1. Is it Technically feasible?, 
2. How much will it Cost/Risk (spread)?, and
3. Expected Revenues/Risk (spread)? 
=Profitable return ?

Mining sensor

Picture: This is a flawless two inch SrI2 crystal grown in the Burger Lab for use in new generation of gamma-ray spectrometers.

Quantum computer now possible

A team of Australian engineers has proven -- with the highest score ever obtained -- that a quantum version of computer code can be written, and manipulated, using two quantum bits in a silicon microchip. The advance removes lingering doubts that such operations can be made reliably enough to allow powerful quantum computers to become a reality.  

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