07 July 2006

Skype - Virtual Desktop Camera

NyanDesktopCamera is the software for sending a desktop as video call through Skype - it means you don't need a web-camera. It can be used to Show pictures or Remote guide someone. It can be found under Skype Extras.

Other cool plug-ins:
PrettyMay is your personal voice assistant. It can record and replay any Skype call. PrettyMay can Auto answers calls, remote access Skype voicemails and PrettyMay voicemessages from regular phone. Just imagine when it can record video and send it to you mail or phone.

A few days ago, many sites reported that the Japanese company Novac has released a product that lets you stream your home TV across Skype video. Novac set up a demo page where you can see it right in action. It’s in Japanese but I've taken the liberty to translate it with Google.

Or, do you think Skype should go web-based - before Adobe (Macromedia Flash player) or any other major player create a web-phone-service - like E-meeting from China? That is connected to a Flash Skype based Mobile Phone.

Update 2006-12-25:
These looks useful, but I have not tried them yet
* Persony Vshow for sharing your desktop - hopefully more stable then Virtual Desktop Camera!
* Speak and Translate Chats good if you have a that do not speak english that well.

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